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Why archive emails?

Between regulatory requirements and eDiscovery needs, organizations are frequently required to archive emails. ZL Tech meets and exceeds these expectations by archiving a wide range of email types in single or mixed-email environments with journaling for 100% data capture. ZL Tech solutions provide regulatory compliance and improved email management for email servers, including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Domino, Gmail, Sun JMS, Qmail, Sendmail, and more. ZL UA captures all content and metadata from email servers, such as attachments, notes, calendar items, and folder information.

ZL Tech offers specialized email archiving solutions depending on the required use case: eDiscovery, compliance and supervision, records management, and in-place management. All solutions leverage ZL Tech’s unified approach to information archiving and management, de-siloing and deduplicating data for user search, review, and retention needs. ZL UA further integrates analytics into each solution, allowing users to visualize their data and better understand their workforce.

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ZL Tech provides file management with in-place and data archiving solutions

ZL Tech offers in-place file analysis and management for file clean up, privacy compliance, and analytics. ZL File Analysis and Management identifies redundant, outdated, and trivial data (ROT) and sensitive information for defensible deletion, removing unnecessary risk of data breaches and privacy violations. Leveraging the complete analysis of file content and metadata, ZL Tech provides visualizations of enterprise data that reconfigure for instantaneous analysis at the file, folder, or project level.

For a data archiving solution, ZL UA consolidates and deduplicates data scattered across the LAN, WAN, and remote office networks into one central repository. With granular document lifecycle policies, files can be moved to lower tiers of storage, stubbed, or defensibly deleted to reduce storage burdens while maintaining sophisticated, global, content-based searches.

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Microsoft Teams

Why manage Microsoft Teams collaboration?

Governance over Microsoft Teams is crucial for compliance and supervision. ZL UA captures the critical components of Microsoft Teams content: files, messages, reactions, and the content surrounding these interactions. Users can apply policies, review messages, and selectively archive information in compliance with SEC, FINRA, and other industry-specific regulations.

Going beyond regulatory compliance, ZL Tech leverages Microsoft Teams content and metadata to create a complete picture of employee behavior. ZL Tech extracts critical information hidden within Microsoft Teams interactions to glean insights into the human element of your organization: identifying top performers, subject matter experts, and potential risks.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 data archiving solution

ZL Tech enhances Microsoft Office 365 offerings with in-place and selective data archiving solutions to ensure proper eDiscovery, compliance, and records management functionality. Microsoft Office 365 offers competitive productivity and collaboration applications, ZL Tech ensures that they are used with the utmost defensibly and compliance. ZL Tech exceeds regulatory standards in the cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid deployments as a SOC Type II Saas provider with DoD 5015.02 records management certification.

ZL Tech offers true enterprise search, allowing clients to accurately and consistently cull massive Microsoft Office 365 data sets down to only the most relevant documentation. Harnessing full capture of document content and metadata, ZL Tech offers on-the-fly insights into data at the document, project, or enterprise level.

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End SharePoint sprawl, permanently

ZL UA allows enterprises to reduce the burdens of bloated SharePoint servers by providing a means to offload all files or replace content with stubs, reducing storage costs. With data collectively stored in the ZL UA system, organizations can conduct global searches to isolate documentation across the enterprise instead of just the SharePoint bubble.

ZL UA for SharePoint ensures that information is only accessible to authorized personnel by providing ACL- (access control list) and role-based controls. System administrators can additionally grant specialized permissions to access, read, write, edit, or delete a file.

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Social Media

Social media data archiving solution

Improving corporate compliance and eDiscovery capabilities, ZL UA proactively archives social media content from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, RSS Feeds, BlackBerry Messaging, Bloomberg Messaging, and more. ZL UA captures, indexes, classifies, and preserves messages for compliance, legal search, and analytics.

Once social media data is fully ingested into the ZL archive it is automatically made accessible to privilege users. Inbound and outbound business communications are further monitored based on customizable, highly granular lexicon rules that instantly report any regulatory or privacy violations.

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Instant Messages

Why archive instant messages?

IMs have become an integral tool for workplace communication and productivity. Given how prolific IMs have grown to be in corporate ecosystems, they are increasingly regulated for compliance and privacy. Addressing the need to manage this data, ZL Tech selectively archives company IMs for privacy, compliance, governance, and eDiscovery. ZL UA captures IMs from numerous systems, including Microsoft platforms, Microsoft Teams, Bloomberg, FaceTime, Google, MSN, Reuters, Yahoo, and more.

ZL Compliance Manager allows reviewers to establish granular policies to flag IMs based on the content and keywords used in the message. Surveilling IM activity, compliance officers can address potentially problematic conduct and language before it becomes a legal or reputational liability.

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A True blue data archiving solution for IBM users: Domino, IBM Notes, Quickr, and NSF Files

Capturing all IBM content, ZL Tech optimizes IT workloads and expenditures, improves UX accessibility, and applies comprehensive governance. ZL UA captures Domino emails, calendar items, flags, classifications, and IBM Notes. ZL UA additionally captures information created in IBM’s Lotus Quicker collaboration platform for seamless archiving of Quickr data.

ZL UA captures, classifies, tracks, and archives IBM messages, emails, and NSF files per FINRA, SEC, and other industry-specific regulations. Potentially non-compliant communications are flagged for review using a lexical engine that leverages content searches and metadata rules to confidently identify non-compliance.

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EMC Documentum

Offload EMC Documentum data for IT infrastructure optimization

ZL UA captures the entirety of live and dormant EMC Documentum data, including cabinets, documents, versions, renditions, virtual documents, and all contextual data, such as links, relationships, and custom metadata. ZL Migration Services allow organizations to offload their Documentum servers into the ZL UA system while maintaining their original source folder structure.

The benefits of migrating Documentum data to ZL UA are that all data remains accessible while improving the efficiency of live Documentum servers, reducing IT infrastructure costs, and having a systematic approach to retaining and disposing of Documentum files. Migrating to ZL UA allows users to view Documentum data in context, de-siloing repositories so that all enterprise data is accessible from a single platform.

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Legacy Databases

What to do with your legacy databases?

Legacy databases pose a challenge to organizations as they contain important information that should be retained but maintaining these servers costs valuable time and resources. Alleviating these burdens, ZL Tech’s migration team specializes in transfering legacy data into the ZL UA platform. Legacy data is ingested into the ZL NoSQL Database, which compresses data for over 90% storage optimization.

ZL UA supports numerous structured and unstructured legacy systems:

  • Traditional RDBMs – Microsoft SQLServer, Oracle, IBM DB2
  • NoSQL Data Stores – MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, HBase
  • Data Warehouses – Teradata, Oracle
  • Legacy ECMs – Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum
  • Legacy Archives – Symantec Enterprise Vault, HP Autonomy, EMC SourceOne
  • Flat Files – CSV, XML, JSON
What to do with legacy databases?