Cloud Archiving Solutions

ZL Tech data management solutions tailored to fit the enterprise's exact needs, on or off the cloud

Future-proof your enterprise with a cloud archiving solution

Enable digital enterprise transformation while maintaining the past with multidirectional information management, centralizing control of cloud, on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud data in a single unified platform.

  • Live cloud server adjustments to match fluctuating process loads, so companies only pay for the processing power they use
  • Selective archiving options for high value data

Relax while ZL Tech completely manages your cloud

Take the headache out of cloud data management, as ZL Tech offers a completely managed service—saving users labor, time, and resources.

  • Certified SOC2 Type II compliance, providing data security, confidentiality, availability, processing integrity, and privacy
  • Continued service to cater to changing needs and 24/7 application support

Increase the versatility, availability, and performance of your cloud archiving solution

Harness complete control of all data with seamless integrations of client systems, 100% data integrity and monitoring, and complete service request fulfillment.

  • Unlimited scalability for a repository that grows with the enterprise
  • 50+ worldwide Azure data centers for maximum availability while enabling seamless management between in-place, cloud, and on-premises

Secure data inside and out

Protect and archive your data in Microsoft Azure with multi-layered security controls that span data centers, infrastructures, operations, and specific deployments.

  • Over 3,500 cybersecurity experts dedicated to Azure clients’ privacy
  • Real-time threat intelligence reports for actionable, proactive security improvements
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Customer Success Story

The National Archives and Records Administration’s Cloud Solutions

NARA chose ZL Tech’s cloud archiving solution to manage emails and files, developing the Capstone approach used by all government agencies. NARA has scaled to manage over 240 million messages with ZL Tech, all while improving end-user access and simplifying records classification.

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