Social Media Archiving

Bolster corporate compliance and litigation preparedness by proactively archiving social media content.

ZL Tech allow enterprises to secure, manage, and govern rising unstructured data volume under its unified platform. By selectively archiving social media content with ZL Tech, organizations can reliably review, retrieve, and analyze data for regulatory, legal, and business intelligence ventures.

Regulatory compliance and eDiscovery expectations continue to increase in the rapidly-evolving world of electronically stored information (ESI). This creates an important information management gap for businesses that do not archive and manage their official corporate social media accounts. By partnering with industry-leading social media aggregators, ZL Tech is able to offer customers complete control over their social media content.

Social Media Archiving for Improved Data Governance

The ZL Tech ingests posts, chats, and messages among other content from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and RSS Feeds for comprehensive retention. Social media data is stored alongside all other data sources in ZL Tech’s Unified Archive, so that all information can be accessed, assessed, and managed from a single point of control. This de-siloed approach to governance enables organizations to conduct true global searches in a matter of seconds to quickly comply with compliance, eDiscovery, and analytics requests.

Perform eDiscovery on Social Media Content

ZL Tech’s global search capability ensures that in-house legal teams obtain the entire universe of relevant data—including pertinent social media messages—when searching the archive. ZL Tech’s eDiscovery solution captures, indexes, searches, reviews, preserves, and produces social media data for any discovery matter. Clients have reported up to 40% reduced eDiscovery costs due to ZL Tech’s advanced search and false positive reduction technology.

Achieve Global Compliance with Social Media Archiving

ZL Tech provides a comprehensive compliance solution for social media supervision and retention. Users can select customizable rules that fit their industry requirements to flag messages for review using any combination of content, context, and metadata rules. Lifecycle policies can further be applied on social media content that must be retained, so that they can be defensibly discarded upon their expiration. Social media content is archived in the same platform as email, instant messages, and other unstructured content, providing organizations a unified, global compliance platform that serves: