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ZL Tech has been a leader in information management for the past two decades, solving the biggest compliance, governance and privacy challenges for companies across the Fortune 500 and beyond. At the core of ZL’s vision is its unique differentiator, a unified architecture that centralizes billions of documents and all governance functions under one platform, eliminating today’s fractured data silos.

ZL Tech began in 1999 as an email security company, expanding its scope over the years to address storage management, compliance, eDiscovery, records management, and now, analytics and privacy. Whether it was the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002, or new privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, ZL Tech has constantly evolved to match the most difficult challenges of the time.

A Brief History

2020 and Beyond:

The Human Side of the Corporation

The rise of remote work leads to new types of data and new opportunities for insight, setting the stage for ZL Tech to build on previous advancements and deliver a cutting-edge approach to people analytics. By harnessing and leveraging email, collaboration data, and documents, the company releases a new application that delivers insights into the workforce. The offering represents a new era of analytics and information management, empowering and illuminating the human side of the corporation.


New people analytics offering harnesses unstructured data to provide new insights.


Expands manage-in-place functionality to electronic messages, enabling massive advancements in eDiscovery, internal investigations, and people analytics.

Featured in Gartner Magic Quadrant for 15th consecutive year.


Digital Transformation on a Global Scale

The second decade marked a time of growth for ZL Tech, expanding to Japan, India and the EU while bringing on global customers with massive volumes of data. The company introduces new technology that leverages analytics and cloud to deliver better insights into dark data, while integrating “in-place” management with archiving. The concept of managing data without creating a copy represents a subtle but monumental new element in the governance equation, minimizing the often-costly process of large-scale archiving while solving for new privacy regulations such as GDPR.


Delivers in-place management of files, first implemented for a global banking customer with file shares spanning 50+ countries.


Opens offices in Vancouver, Canada.


Delivers next generation of eDiscovery technology.


Opens offices in Hyderabad, India.


Opens offices in Tokyo, Japan.


A New World of Data

Originally founded as “ZipLip,” a reference to a military term that denotes security through radio-silence in hostile territory, the Silicon Valley startup originates as a secure webmail and file platform for large carriers and ISPs (internet service providers) providing a robust and scalable platform. However, following the emergence of a brand-new compliance landscape brought about by the Sarbanes Oxley Act, utilizing the scalable platform originally built for carriers and ISPs, the company quickly emerges as a major player with large enterprise customers in the financial services industry. ZipLip ultimately rebrands as ZL Tech and gains a foothold with its unique value proposition: unified information management.


Introduces unified eDiscovery, following new requirements from the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.


Following Sarbanes Oxley, ZL Tech introduces unified information governance and compliance.


Launches secure webmail for Starhub, wireless carrier in Singapore (a JV between British Telecom and NTT).


Founded as ZipLip, a secure webmail and files platform software company.

A Scalable and Centralized Solution
for Silo-Based Data

As enterprise data has become increasingly silo-based—stored in disjointed repositories from file shares, email, databases, cloud applications, etc.— the unique requirements for data management have simultaneously converged. Compliance, legal, records management, analytics and privacy all interact with the same data, so they must interact with one another. As many vendors seek to adapt by acquiring and integrating other products, ZL Tech instead has remained at the forefront of information governance by maintaining 100% of its source code and staying true to its unique vision: a scalable and centralized architecture for all enterprise data.

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