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Reliably Review Communications

Highly regulated industries are required to oversee all communications to review those deemed non-compliant. ZL Tech assists compliance managers by monitoring ongoing communications and flagging non-compliant messages via customizable metadata- and content-based rules.

  • ZL Compliance flags messages using any combination of content, context, and user rules
  • True global search allows users to perform ad hoc searches across enterprise data repositories

Customize Your Review Process

Whether there are changes in the regulatory landscape, industry standards, or corporate policies, ZL Compliance Manager adapts with the times, providing users the flexibility to modify rules and review processes as needed.

  • Multi-review options allow users to escalate non-compliant messages and meet regulatory requirements
  • ZL Compliance Manager offers advanced sampling, which curates a representative sample of all outbound messages for review

Streamline Communication Compliance Review

Reviewing and sampling messages can be challenging as organizations juggle multiple data sources and different regulations. ZL Compliance Manager eases review workflows by displaying all messages in one comprehensive review inbox.

  • ZL Compliance Manager differentiates between message content and unrelated information, such as email signatures and disclaimers, to reduce false positives
  • Echo reduction technology reduces the number of redundant violations in email and message threads

Ensure Your Compliance Management Software is Defensible

Best effort compliance is no longer sufficient in our current regulatory landscape, which is why defensibility is a cornerstone of ZL Compliance Manager. In fact, ZL Tech is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory.

  • Custom and standard audit trails, logging every action performed within the archive, including reviewer actions, searches, policy modifications, and user privilege changes
  • The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) chose ZL Tech to develop the government’s Capstone records management approach
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