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The key to a successful eDiscovery and compliance solution is good governance

ZL UA offers a unified data management approach with single instance storage for defensive and precise eDiscovery

  • A massively scalable platform that grows as you grow
  • Compatibility with 1,000+ file types, mixed-email environments, and deployments across the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid approaches

Arm your enterprise with legal ammunition

Advanced searches filter and cull through large data sets with any combination of complex searches, such as Boolean logic, wild card expansions, fuzzy logic, proximity rules, and more.

  • Accurate export of curated data allows users confidently handoff data for right-hand eDiscovery
  • Message threading allows reviewers to see documents in context for a comprehensive view

Win or lose early

ZL Discovery Manager streamlines Early Case Assessments (ECA) by providing advanced search capabilities and analytics functions, giving total control over the left-hand side of EDRM.

  • Built-in analytic functionality, such as hit term analysis, provides on-the-fly insights into documents at a case and enterprise level
  • Clients have reported 90% reduction in eDiscovery collection and review times using ZL UA

Ensure accountability for every action taken in your eDiscovery and compliance solution

Complete audit trails, which track every action taken within your system, allow you to prove chain-of-custody and defensibly manage your eDiscovery and compliance solution.

  • ZL Discovery Manager automatically adds new, relevant documents into case preservation without creating additional copies, allowing for seamless future early case assessments
  • Automated legal hold notices, reminders, and questionnaires are sent to key custodians once they are identified in the case

All of this is done without creating copies of the original files allowing for seamless ECA in the future.

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