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Compliance & eDiscovery for Top 5 Global Bank

International banks must meet multiple compliance requirements globally. Having a solution that can meet the checkerboard of regulations around the world provides much needed control and simplicity to the complex web of regulations. This leading international bank started their story with ZL Technologies with a small compliance deployment in the Americas. Now ZL Technologies has established their global archiving standard.

Given the bank’s size, international scope, and regulatory environment, they required a solution that could keep up with high demands: scalable enough to meet massive data volumes; reliable to ensure consistent availability; and versatile enough to adapt to varying international compliance and eDiscovery needs.

Beyond giving the customer the compliance and eDiscovery systems they desired, ZL UA was able to help the customer consolidate key enterprise functions. In deploying ZL UA as its global archiving standard, the bank established strong governance and data management principles as well as compliance and eDiscovery workflows, a critical goal for a global enterprise.