ZL Tech Government Records Management Solutions

A better way to manage government records

ZL Tech's solution is DoD 5015.02 Classified certified

The National Archives and Records Administration

NARA chose ZL Tech for its government records management solution, developing its capstone approach used by all federal agencies. With ZL Tech, NARA has scaled to govern over 240 million messages—all while improving end-user access and simplifying records classification.

Unifying Government Records Management Solutions

Records Management

Regulatory Compliance and Supervision

The Challenge

Government records managers have to balance the competing interests of maintaining important documents while also not bloating storage systems with outdated information. To navigate these needs, records managers require the ability to differentiate between record types, apply custom retention periods, and log all document activity for defensible deletion. These policies cannot be made in isolation as legal and compliance teams frequently require access to records as well.

The Solution

  • 20,000+ manual and automatic records classifications based on document content and metadata
  • Custom retention periods with time-, event-, and metadata-based triggers
  • Synchronized records management that operates in tandem with compliance and legal solutions for unified data governance
  • A complete audit log that captures all actions taken on records for defensible management and deletion


eDiscovery solutions

The Challenge

As data volumes rapidly expand and new data sources are adopted, searching for particular documents becomes increasingly difficult, costly, and time-consuming. Search is further complicated by data lying scattered across disparate repositories, geographic locations, and legacy systems. Government agencies, nevertheless, have to be able to quickly search and retrieve relevant data for eDiscovery, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, agency audits, and internal investigations.

The Solution

  • Targeted global search that can combine any number of criteria to find all relevant documents pertaining to a FOIA request, legal case, audit, or investigation
  • Early case assessment that isolates relevant records, custodians, and themes to quickly craft case strategy
  • Automated legal holds and document preservation to relieve IT burden and assist legal teams
  • Comprehensive audit trails that defensibly track chain of custody

In-Place Data Governance

Information Governance software

The Challenge

Governments have a responsibility to their constituents to be accountable and transparent. In the past, agencies were able to achieve these aims through the preservation of official records. However, in the modern digital age, the required scope of control and visibility has expanded to include the entire corpus of organizational data. Governments must now be capable of managing and finding information—wherever it resides—to comply with privacy regulations, eDiscovery requests, audits, and internal investigations.

The Solution

  • In-place management for emails, files, and other data types to control information at the source, without creating copies
  • Identification and remediation of sensitive information to achieve privacy by design
  • Global search with intuitive filters, deduplication, and easy export for eDiscovery, FOIA requests, and internal investigations
  • Built-in analytics that explore communication patterns and networks to identify top performers and subject matter experts
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