Making Enterprise Data

GenAI . . . So, where's the data?

ZL Tech enables organizations to search and cull data enterprise-wide, while managing it for governance, risk and compliance. Search and extract the essence of every document and message, delivering a curated data feed for AI and analytics without copying data.

AI has a big data problem.

AI implementations require corporate data, yet companies struggle to find, cull, and deliver the most relevant data for AI from across the enterprise, while ensuring it is properly managed for governance, risk, and compliance. The ZL platform delivers several new capabilities that completely change the paradigm.


Searches and filters data from across the enterprise to deliver a feed of targeted, relevant data for GenAI and analytics.


Provides a virtual data management layer to extract content and metadata from documents without creating copies.


Delivers governance, risk, and compliance functionality to provide defensibility for AI.

From out of sight to insight.

When surfaced, information created and shared by employees every single day has the power to reveal a side of the enterprise never yet seen. ZL Tech delivers a platform for harnessing unstructured data for AI and analytics, trusted by the Fortune 500 and beyond, including 4 of the 5 top US banks.

Enable completely new insights into the human side of the company, illuminating every aspect of the workforce.

Deliver information governance across enterprise data, for privacy, compliance, eDiscovery, and records management.

Enable 1000x time-to-data speed for GenAI and analytics.

Search across the enterprise “in-place,” without creating data copies.

Unified governance, deep insights.

The ZL Unified Platform empowers visibility and control over information for legal, regulatory, and privacy requirements, while maximizing its value for AI and analytics. ZL Tech is unique in its ability to unify all governance functions under a single centralized platform, while harnessing enterprise data for deep insights.

New Insights

Explore data in near-real time and empower insights at 1000x speeds via in-place search.

Unified Platform

Deliver all governance functions in synergy via singular platform, enabling defensible AI.


Manage unstructured data at an enterprise scale. Most platforms operate on sandboxes—ZL manages the entire beach.