SharePoint Archive and File Management Solutions

Archive and manage in-place SharePoint data for governance, file management, compliance, and legal discovery

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Clean Bloated SharePoint Archive Servers

ZL Tech enables organizations to shed light on dark data for a comprehensive view of all enterprise files. Redundant, outdated, and trivial data encompasses up to 80% of corporate repositories. ZL Tech allows organizations to continuously analyze and delete files from SharePoint servers in accordance with corporate, legal, and regulatory policies. ZL Tech additionally allows users to search, tag, and remediate personally identifiable information (PII) and proactively identify and secure risk hotspots to support true privacy by design.

Establish Governance over SharePoint Archive

ZL Tech delivers a centralized platform for ongoing file management, enforcing lifecycles policies in-place with selective archiving for high-value files. Advanced SharePoint file management is leveraged for eDiscovery, compliance, and records-keeping solutions. ZL Tech further captures key insights hidden in SharePoint files and enables analytics at speeds of 10 to 100 times quicker than traditional methods, providing a complete picture of your enterprise.

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