ZL Records Manager

Modernize your business's records management system

Trusted by the Fortune 500 and beyond

Flexibly Categorize Records

Records management systems hinge on the ability to differentiate between documents that need to be archived and those that do not. ZL Tech’s enterprise records management and email archiving solution allows users to classify records with over 20,000 manual and automated records classifications.

  • Automatic classifications can be set up using advanced metadata or content-based policies
  • Manual classifications can be applied using granular, role-based controls

Apply Lifecycle Policies and Defensibly Delete Outdated Records

Holding onto records longer than required bloats storage systems and opens up the organization to privacy, security, and compliance risks. ZL Tech’s records management software is designed for defensible remediation with easily configurable lifecycle policies that accommodate industry and regulation specific requirements for document retention and disposal.

  • Custom retention periods with time-, event-, and metadata-based triggers
  • A complete audit log details all actions taken on documents for defensible records management and document deletion

Synch Records Management Systems with Legal and Compliance

Records cannot be managed in isolation, as they are often required for legal and compliance requests. ZL Records Manager works in tandem with ZL Tech’s eDiscovery and Compliance Solutions for comprehensive, unified data governance.

  • Records, compliance, and legal all share a joint archive so that actions taken on documents are applied universally across the enterprise
  • One-click legal holds automatically freezes records in their lifecycle until the hold is removed

Search Across the Entire Enterprise, All at Once

Preserving documents with records management software is moot if they cannot be found, accessed, and used. ZL Records Manager allows users to easily search all documents from a single platform with advanced criteria to isolate only the most relevant records.

  • True global search powered by an advanced policy lexicon allows users to filter results with any combination of complex search rules
  • ZL Tech deduplicates files and de-silos data for quick and efficient search