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UA for Records Management

The world of data is rapidly expanding, and so is the role of the records professional. Items traditionally regarded as non-records now often play a role similar to their record counterparts, and the lines between the distinctions are blurring. Traditional records tools are left unable to meet the demands of enterprise-wide information management.

Records management is as old as paper documents. However, in the shift towards the digital age, organizations and enterprises have been battling to control the volume and complexity of electronic data. Today’s organizations must not only store business records but must also manage legal holds and retention schedules across a wider variety of data types than ever before.

By providing an environment which can handle all unstructured information including emerging data types, ZL UA provides an ideal long-term management system for the needs of today and tomorrow. Elastic architecture and scalability mean that data is harnessed for all of its essential purposes, while providing an environment in which less-critical pieces of information can also be managed, searched, and analyzed.