ZL File Analysis & Management

A Better Way to Clean Up and Manage Company File Shares

Uncover instant insight into your files with ZL File Analysis & Management

A Microsoft Gold Partner Delivering File Analysis and Management

Company file shares have long been a corporate dumping ground for unused documents. As data accumulates, the level of risk grows along with the difficulty of information management.

ZL File Analysis and Management delivers complete control over file shares and SharePoint sites through a single, centralized platform. From cleaning up files and enforcing records policies to identifying and managing personal data in-place, ZL Tech has partnered with Microsoft to solve today’s most difficult data challenges.

In-Place Lifecycle Management, from Cradle to Grave

Manage documents enterprise-wide without ever creating copies. ZL File Analysis & Management delivers a centralized platform for enforcing records and lifecycle policies in-place, ensuring ongoing information governance.

  • Classify and manage records through advanced classification and event-based policies
  • Align global records policies across billions of documents stored in multiple file shares, as seen by this top 5 bank

Reduce Data, Reduce Risk

Up to 80% of corporate data is redundant, outdated, or trivial (ROT), increasing privacy and regulatory risks. ZL File Analysis & Management enables organizations to take control of their dark data by analyzing and defensibly deleting documents in accordance with corporate, legal, and regulatory policies on a continuous basis.

  • Identify risk through advanced analytics that delivers on-the-fly insight into file repositories
  • Defensibly delete unneeded and high-risk documents, continuously and as required

Privacy by Design

Privacy regulations such as CPRA and GDPR require organizations to find, manage, and delete personal data. ZL Tech enables global organizations to find personal data wherever it lies through advanced search and pattern identification, allowing for informed remediation actions on documents in alignment with governance policies.

  • Search, tag, and remediate personally identifiable information (PII) in compliance with data subject access requests (DSARs)
  • Proactively identify and secure risk hotspots as they arise to support true privacy by design

Transform Dark Data into Insight

Illuminate and harness your data to answer essential questions about your workforce and maximize its potential. ZL Tech delivers a complete picture of your enterprise by capturing key insights lying in employee-created documents and communications.

  • Analyze your data in-place and in time at 1000X speeds without creating a single copy
  • Uncover the top performers, subject matter experts, and informal networks that drive your business