GDPR and Privacy Compliance Solutions

Identify, manage, and remediate sensitive data in-place with GDPR privacy compliance software

One solution, on or off the cloud

Establish Privacy by Design

Historically organizations only had to manage data relevant to their day-to-day operations. However, modern privacy regulations require enterprises to shed light on their dark data to find and remediate PII. ZL Tech’s GDPR compliance software leads organizations to full compliance with in-place and archived data management.

  • PII identification, remediation, and management across file shares, email severs, the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem, and more data sources
  • Live PII statistics and document analytics guide organizations as they craft and update their compliance by design strategies

Find Sensitive Information Wherever it Resides

Private information is scattered across the enterprise, hidden in emails and files, where they remain a liability waiting to be exposed. ZL Tech maps out the entire data landscape, flagging sensitive information for further user action.

  • True global search powered by ZL Tech’s advanced policy lexicon allows users to find personal information for data subject access and other remediation requests
  • ZL Tech further spots personal information upon ingestion, providing users with an up-to-date view of their enterprise privacy risks

Control Enterprise Data for GDPR and Privacy Compliance

Holding onto PII longer than required opens organizations up to a host of compliance and security risks. ZL Tech’s GDPR compliance software mitigates these concerns by systematically ensuring that sensitive information is not stored longer than intended.

  • Governance allows organizations to curate their data and apply automated and manual retention policies for ongoing lifecycle management
  • ZL Tech applies custom tags and classifications on documents containing PII for specialized compliance actions and policies

Defensibly Comply with all Privacy Regulations from a Single Platform

GDPR and other privacy regulations complicate compliance workflows by requiring organizations to provide a full suite of remediation actions. ZL Tech eases these responsibilities by allowing all steps to be taken from a single, comprehensive privacy platform.

  • ZL Tech’s privacy interface allows users to apply remediation policies, including deletion, quarantine, migration, and access privilege assignment
  • All actions taken on documents are noted in a customizable audit log to ensure full defensibility