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Compliance Manager

Certified for SEC 17a-4, FERC 717, HIPAA, DoD 5015, and more, ZL UA for Compliance provides large enterprises with customizable options to fulfill their regulatory requirements with full defensibility. ZL UA for Compliance further reduces review times and risk of noncompliance by applying sophisticated lexicon rules onto all company data.

ZL UA enables customers to carry out their compliance workflows while fulfilling their eDiscovery and records management needs, all through one unified solution. Whether deploying on-premise or in the cloud, customers can look forward to utilizing the same ZL UA software, enabling enterprises to address all of their compliance and governance needs in one solution.

ZL UA ensures regulatory compliance by logging every action performed within the application, such as reviewer actions, searches, and policy creations and modifications. In addition, ZL provides extensive reporting functionalities, which allows compliance managers to ensure all messages are flagged appropriately and correct reviewer actions are applied.