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eDiscovery and Healthcare Data Management for Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

The customer is in a highly litigated industry and needed a solution to quickly search through its billions of documents to find relevant data and gain strategic insight. ZL Tech streamlined their eDiscovery process—cutting total costs by 23%—by enabling them to search the entire enterprise from day one.

A Better Way to Manage Healthcare Data


eDiscovery solutions

The Challenge

The healthcare industry is one of the most litigated fields, yet finding case evidence is becoming increasingly difficult and costly as data volumes and sources rapidly grow. Data tends to be stored in silos, segregated by source, application, and geographic location, forcing legal and IT teams to perform repetitive searches across each repository for every custodian. However, evidence is scattered across the enterprise, leaving organizations with the difficult task of sifting through all enterprise data—beyond predefined custodians—to produce case findings under demanding legal deadlines.

The Solution

  • Early case assessment that finds relevant documents, custodians, and themes to guide legal strategies
  • Global search with false positive reduction to increase the relevancy of findings returned
  • Automated legal holds and document retention for defensible case preservation
  • Comprehensive audit trails that prove chain of custody


Regulatory Compliance and Supervision

The Challenge

The difficulty in managing healthcare data for compliance is staying up to date with the evolving regulatory landscape. The scope of records that need to be preserved and controlled for regulatory compliance is constantly expanding into new domains, each requiring unique lifecycles and retention policies. In particular, electronic protected health information (ePHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) require specialized care in their preservation and remediation in accordance with HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA. Failure to comply with industry regulations can result in hefty financial, legal, and reputational damages.

The Solution

  • Advanced data categorization with automatic and manual retention policies based on document content and metadata
  • Immutable retention of records with write once, read many (WORM) storage
  • Defensible deletion for documents that have aged out of their lifecycle with customizable time-, event-, and metadata-based triggers
  • HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA privacy compliance to identify, control, and remediate sensitive data

In-Place Management

Information Governance software

The Challenge

Healthcare data management has expanded beyond the retention and maintenance of electronic protected health information (ePHI) and traditional business records to include the entire corpus of enterprise data. Organizations require the ability to find and control their data to comply with eDiscovery requests, internal investigations, and privacy regulations. Control over unstructured data is further needed to conduct workforce analytics, giving voice to employees and uncovering key insights into your organization’s most valuable assets. Implementing these initiatives requires governance over in-place data so that users can manage information at the source.

The Solution

  • In-place information management for emails and files to control data at the source, without creating copies
  • Granular, global search to produce relevant data for eDiscovery, internal investigation, privacy, and analytics queries
  • Privacy by design that enables users to identify and remediate sensitive information—wherever it resides
  • Built-in analytics into organizational communication patterns and networks to determine top performers, subject matter experts, and more
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