Resources: Case Studies

ECA and Preservation for Fortune 500 Company

A Fortune 500 company sought a solution for ECA, search, preservation, and collection of documents for eDiscovery. This corporation is in a highly litigated industry and is often engaged in several lawsuits at once concerning its new and existing products and services.

    The client approached ZL Technologies with several requirements for a new eDiscovery process, including:
  • The capability to run highly complex searches on several million to billions of documents across tens of thousands of mailboxes
  • A depth of built-in analytics capabilities typically not offered on such a large scale
  • The capability to automatically preserve documents without copying data

ZL’s eDiscovery platform is designed for high-volume, high-scale installations, enabling the client to redesign their early case strategy and empowering its in-house counsel to perform enterprise-wide searches and preserve documents within a single platform. With powerful analytics and review capabilities built into its architecture, the legal team has a three-dimensional view of data for more informed early case decisions, truly effective preservation, and more control over downstream functions of the EDRM.