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ZL Compliance Manager

ZL UA for Compliance offers unparalleled control over enterprise data. Fully equipped with a highly customizable lexical engine, it allows users to specify the criteria for incompliant emails and remain compliant with any regulation. As companies adapt to the changing compliance landscape, they need a compliance solution that is versatile enough to adapt with them.

Metadata and content analysis lend insight into all file sources, enabling organizations to identify and act upon personal information to remain compliant with privacy regulations. All built within a singular, elastic architecture that can scale to even the largest organization’s data environment.

Built upon a single code base, with only a single copy of data for all governance functions, ZL UA gives compliance officers access to the entirety of enterprise data. Regardless of an organization’s size or industry, ZL UA for Compliance ultimately provides the dependability to meet today’s regulatory demands, and the versatility to meet tomorrow’s.