Sensitive and Classified Document Management

Classified documents are the highest value assets of any agency. Considering the sensitivity of such information, this Top 3 National Defense Agency wanted a dedicated management tool that satisfies the stringent DoD 5015.02 Classified requirements.

Customize Records Management with Hybrid Classifications

Records management lives and dies based on the ability to reliably differentiate between documents that need to be archived and those that do not. Complicating the task further is the wide breadth of regulations that each require their own measures for compliance. ZL Records Manager, a DoD certified software, allows users to customize their data archiving with the option of over 20,000 manual and automated records classifications based on metadata, content, and user.

Defensibly Delete Records Based on Lifecycle Policies

Holding onto old records longer than required causes unnecessary privacy, security, and compliance risks. ZL Records Manager is designed for defensible remediation with configurable lifecycle policies that match your specific industry and regulatory demands. For example, custom retention periods can incorporate time-, event-, and metadata-based triggers to accommodate non-linear requirements. Increasing defensibility, a complete audit log captures all actions taken on documents for a flawless history of records—from cradle to grave.

DoD Certified Software with True Global Search

Document preservation only serves its purpose if records can be reliably found and accessed. ZL Records Manager provides users with true global search, powered by an advanced policy lexicon that consistently finds relevant documents. Search results are precise as ZL Tech deduplicates records and users can combine any number of advanced criteria to broaden or focus their findings.

Synch Records Management with Legal and Compliance Functions

Records management should not be isolated from the rest of the organization, given document access and retention are also crucial for legal, IT, and compliance teams. ZL UA, the unified archive for all ZL Tech solutions, ensures that records managers, legal teams, IT professionals, and compliance supervisors can all operate in tandem. Actions taken on records are universally applied across the enterprise, for example, one-click legal holds automatically freeze records in their lifecycles until the hold lifts.

What is DoD 5015.02 Certification?

The Design Criteria Standard for Electronic Records Management Software Applications, also known as DoD 5015.02, is the U.S. Department of Defense’s rules for records management. DoD 5015.02 was written in collaboration with several branches of the U.S. military alongside the National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) per order of Congress.

The certification specifies criteria for an organization’s application which needs to identify, mark, store, dispose, declassify, and downgrade records.

Who must comply with DoD 5015.02?

In the United States, only branches of the U.S. military and those overseen by the Department of Defense require DoD certified software. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has endorsed DoD 5015.02 as one of the certifications sufficient for all federal agencies. For a complete view of DoD 5015.02 and its requirements, refer to NARA’s website.

Why is DoD 5015.02 Classified Certification Important?

DoD Certification defines the industry standard for records keeping. Baseline classification ensures quality control for traditional records management capabilities, especially for low impact documents. DoD 5015.02 Classified Certification comes as an addition to the baseline classification for high impact sensitive documents.

Classified Certification ensures that the software has functionalities to handle the added risk of managing highly classified documents. Some examples of the functions outlined by DoD are:

  • The ability to automatically detect highly sensitive records outside of the dedicated repository and purge them.
  • Downgrading classification levels and version controlling based on classification.
  • Ensuring all due processes are in place and auditable for the management of highly sensitive data.

DoD tests the software to ensure that it complies with the standards outlined by them. (Chapter 4 Version 2 and Chapter 5 Version 3)

ZL Journey’s towards DoD 5015.02 Certified Software Provider

ZL Tech recently renewed its DoD 5015.02 baseline claim. With the updated baseline certification, ZL Tech will continue to be able to help government and private organizations store their data as per the regulations set by DoD.

Additionally, ZL Tech also achieved classified certification. This places ZL among the selected few vendors that enable agencies to store classified documents using software, allowing agencies to store and manage significantly more sensitive records.

Due to their nature, sensitive records are the most valuable assets of any agency. To manage them, ZL incorporates the specifications of the Baseline and Classified Certification as built-in features to Records Classified product offering. Our future roadmap is to further expand ZL Records Manager’s capabilities to handle FOIA requests and to position ourselves as a “be all and end all” DoD certified software for unstructured data in the market.

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