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Identify, remediate and manage personal data for GDPR and CCPA compliance.

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True information management, privacy by design.

ZL Privacy Solutions transform data insight into information management, combining real-time analysis of enterprise data repositories with built-in governance policies to deliver a complete and actionable picture of personal data—wherever it lies. Organizations are provided with a scalable and intuitive process for searching and remediating personal data to comply with data subject access requests and other requirements.

For organizations that want to take the guesswork out of privacy, ZL Tech offers unparalleled control over personal data, all within a unified platform.

identify personal data


Leveraging full-text indexing, on-the-fly analytics, and advanced sampling, ZL Tech offers full visibility across documents found in file shares, SharePoint, and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. ZL Tech’s scalable architecture ensures that users can search even the largest enterprise data environments, using advanced search capabilities, such as wildcard and proximity, to find hidden personal data.

control personal data


Once personal data is identified, ZL Tech enables in-place records and retention policies for ongoing management. Minimize risk by defensibly deleting, remediating, and managing personal data from a centralized platform, while still aligning with other governance functions.

Comply with GDPR subject access request


ZL Privacy Solutions provide centralized management and remediation of personal data for true privacy by design. With built-in advanced search, users can find specific personal data to efficiently respond to data subject access requests and ultimately comply with several GDPR and CCPA articles by, deleting, managing, and reporting personal data.

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