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Migration Services

Enterprise migration is not just a hop, it is a colossal leap. With ZL’s migration team this process is engineered to be quick, accurate, and catered especially to client needs. See how the move from your legacy archive to ZL Unified Archive works as a service rather than just a product.

Data migration from a legacy system can be a challenging process, with projects often costing far too much in time, money, and lost or corrupted data. This vast amount of legacy data is more often than not, stored in siloed environments notorious for impeding the transfer of information between integrated solutions.

What sets ZL apart from competing migration services is that ZL has complete source code control to customize a migration system specifically for the customer. Before massive amounts of data are transferred, the ZL team always performs multiple checks with the customer to confirm that all of the data is being transferred accurately and that none of that data is corrupted.