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Instant Message Archiving

Enterprise Instant Messages has grown at a rapid rate, and as all enterprise data is subject to federal regulations such as the SEC and FINRA, it has become a major challenge for organizations to effectively manage. ZL provides these organizations with robust the governance capabilities to ensure full compliance and information governance of all enterprise instant message content.

In order to fulfill regulatory obligations and reduce the risk of non-compliance, ZL UA provides content management and archiving capabilities for data from instant message platforms, including all Microsoft IM platforms, and Bloomberg. By partnering with instant message aggregators that capture all content at the gateway, ZL is able to ingest IM data into ZL UA.

ZL UA provides compatibility with over 1,000 different data sources, including an extensive catalog of instant message platforms. In addition to compatibility with all Microsoft IM platforms and Bloomberg, ZL manages data from AIM, BlackBerry Messenger, Thomson Reuters, Google Talk, Yahoo! and others.