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UA for Database Archiving

Legacy applications do not actively add business value, but they continue to deplete valuable time and resources, reduce overall organizational agility, and add unnecessary financial burdens to already-strained IT budgets. The underlying reason organizations retain legacy applications usually the fear of losing access to important data. Find out how to retire legacy systems without losing any important data moving forward.

Organizations rely on a wide array of custom and commercial off-the-shelf enterprise applications to drive daily operations through the collection and management of critical business information. As new technologies are introduced and companies evolve organically or are involved in mergers and acquisitions, they often find that many of their once useful applications are no longer necessary to support everyday business operations.

The ZL UA platform provides organizations the ability to aggregate various types of structured and unstructured data from hundreds of different sources into a single system, which allows for consistent processing, policy management, storage, and search across all enterprise data.