IM Archiving Tools

Capture instant messages to stay compliant and improve enterprise governance with ZL Tech’s IM archiving tools and solutions

ZL Tech’s instant message (IM) archiving tools bolster information governance departments, such as compliance and legal, during regulatory requests and ad-hoc investigations. Support for various instant messaging platforms empowers legal and compliance teams to sift through all enterprise data when performing compliance audits or crafting legal strategies.

Types of Instant Messages Supported

ZL Tech is able to natively capture, manage, and archive instant messages from a number of commonly used platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Bloomberg, and Microsoft Lync. In addition, ZL Tech can archive instant messaging traffic through IM gateways, such as Microsoft/Parlano MindAlign, Akonix, FaceTime, Cisco, Symantec IM Manager, and many more. These gateways allow for the capture of a variety of instant messaging systems, including AOL, Google, MSN, Reuters, and Yahoo.

Bolster eDiscovery and Records Management with ZL Tech’s IM Archiving Tools

Upon ingesting instant messages, enterprises can use ZL Tech’s robust records management system to establish classification schemes and set retention periods. With customizable classifications and lifecycles with time-, event-, and metadata-based triggers, users can defensibly retain—and later delete—corporate IMs.

ZL Tech’s eDiscovery solution further enables in-house legal teams to obtain the entire universe of relevant data—including pertinent IMs—when conducting early case assessments, eDiscovery, and internal investigations. Additionally, users can apply one-click legal holds to instantly preserve IMs from alteration and deletion.

Ensure Instant Messaging Compliance

For organizations that have to manage IMs in compliance with industry regulations, ZL Tech’s compliance management software enables IM supervision and retention. Notably, compliance officers can supervise communications by establishing granular policies—using message content and metadata—that flag IMs for review. Proactively reviewing potentially problematic IMs empowers organizations to address risks before they become a legal or reputational liability. IM archiving tools also allow users to navigate multiple regulatory requirements when determining data retention policies for effective instant messaging compliance, covering: