Resources: Customer Stories

Raymond James + ZL UA

Migrating from multiple legacy systems can be a difficult proposition. Will everything vital be transferred? Will anything have to leave the premise? Will workflows be interrupted during the migrations? Will the new system work as expected?

Many past leading archival and compliance solutions were not designed to support today’s mail volume. The few compliance management systems that existed did not have the flexibility to manually change in accordance to their customer’s workflows. That’s why even forward-thinking companies have had trouble meeting updated compliance regulations. Migrating from these legacy solutions has been one of the key concerns of enterprises in the present.

One of the biggest reasons that this customer chose ZL was because the ZL team proved they could competently migrate the firm’s data. “This was a very expensive proposition with some of the vendors, but the ZL people write the code, so our data never had to leave our premises,” the company said. “The data archives into their database, preserving all information like time and header details. It has really worked out for the both of us.”