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ZL File Analysis and Management

New and continuing developments in the information management landscape require organizations to manage all the data in their enterprise both on premise and in the cloud. ZL’s versatile and powerful file analysis and management tools enable organizations, no matter how large, to analyze, search, and manage enterprise file sources from a single platform.

Organizations can use pattern classifications to discover relevant data from anywhere within the enterprise. They then can apply tags and remediate all the files in-place, delivering both control over personal identifying information and defensible deletion during cleanup efforts.

A Gartner Leader backed by Microsoft Azure with 20 years of experience in harnessing enterprise data, ZL Tech offers a unified management platform that scales to petabytes of data. Whether an organization requires information security, privacy compliance, in-place records management, or simply to clean up dark data before migrating to the cloud, ZL File Analysis and Management delivers a cloud-based solution for true control over enterprise data.