Data Sources

Many Solutions, One Platform

Platform is the heart of performance. That’s why ZL’s zealous commitment to architecture is an enduring philosophy, not just a feature. ZL UA is a comprehensive information governance platform built specifically to meet the demands of the large enterprise.

With no data silos and no code stitched together via product acquisitions, ZL UA is unparalled in its scalability and granular control of enterprise unstructured content.

Unified Architecture

ONE Data Copy, ONE Search, ONE Retention Policy, ONE Code Base

All Data Sources

ZL UA consolidates ALL unstructured content within the organization into a single massively scalable repository. The ZL UA system is able to ingest a vast array of file types, work in mixed email environments, and accommodate deployments both on-premise, in the cloud, or both: ensuring that the system can easily adapt as enterprise technology needs evolve over time. Some of ZL UA’s core archiving capabilities include:

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Clean up and consolidate control of PST and NSF copies of email that clutter local drives and expose the enterprise to unnecessary risk.

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Legacy Content and More

ZL UA supports a wide array of legacy content types, ranging from physical hard-copies via OCR conversion, to retired applications and files from ECMs.