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Bringing Dark Data to Light Through File Analysis

Bringing Dark Data to Light Through File Analysis

Growing up with two younger brothers, it is needless to say there were times when we butted heads. Specifically, we always found ourselves fighting when it came time to clean. If, for example, I was supposed to clean the living room and my brothers were supposed to clean their bedroom and the kitchen, we found that we were constantly just pushing the mess into the other rooms, a “not my problem if my area is clean” mentality.

This obviously got us nowhere. All we did was frustrate one another and ultimately the house never really got clean.

Sound familiar?

In the corporate world, I’ve found that people are still dealing with the same problem: companies are looking to clean up their content repositories and different stakeholders are the pesky children.

This issue is why, in a webinar hosted by ZL Tech on January 28 at 2pm EST, panelists from backgrounds in Information Governance, eDiscovery, Records Management, and IT will discuss how different stakeholders in a company can work together to get a file cleanup project smoothly up and running. Plus, panelists will go over the benefits of taking on a file cleanup project: with file shares and other content repositories cleaned up, different departments can not only see what data they actually have, but also leverage that data and put it to use.

Specifically, in this webinar, panelists will discuss:

-        How to get a file analysis project off the ground

-        Key things to consider when developing a file analysis project

-        How a good file analysis strategy allows users to discover, classify, and take policy-based action on dark data

-        How to engage stakeholders and business leadership for file analysis projects

In addition, panelists will importantly discuss how creating policies and taking action on data allows file cleanup strategies to fit into a long term strategy for information governance; by learning to keep things organized and managed, you learn how to keep your file share clean all the time, avoiding the need for periodic clean ups.

Because -- although eventually my brothers and I learned to work together to clean the house -- it was even easier when we figured out how to keep everything organized in the first place.

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I was born and raised in California and graduated from Northwestern University, where I majored in Inorganic Chemistry. Studying chemistry, I learned to appreciate the insights that data can provide about our world. Now, as a member of the marketing team at ZL, my interest in the power of data has grown as I have learned how we can harness unstructured data for both risk mitigation and strategic advantage. Outside of the office I spend as much time as possible enjoying the California sunshine by running, hiking, camping, and biking.