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information governance is important

Information Governance: Knowing is Half the Battle

GDPR and CCPA have had a wide impact on how we think about what constitutes data knowledge. Your business needs to know what data it has collected, and where it’s kept, in […]

data privacy

Data Privacy: How the Current NCAA Debate Reflects the State of Big Data

A Country Divided? With Data Privacy, Not So Much If you aren’t aware, a massive ongoing debate is being waged between student-athletes, state legislatures, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. As part […]

Bandits Are After Your Dark Data!

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” This quote is often attributed to Mark Twain (though no one can seem to confirm that he said it), but it remains a timely […]

Managing risk by steering clear of disorganized file shares

Your File Share is not a Dumping Ground

Managing risk by steering clear of disorganized file shares

Recently my car was broken into, which really sucked. But I’ll still admit that I’m partially to blame; as a commuter I often treat my car as a dumping ground, and am […]


Dark Data and What Could be on the Horizon

Technology’s pace may come at the cost of data privacy

If you go to a library or a café these days, you might spy some open laptops with a Post-it note or a piece of tape covering the built-in webcam. While many […]

The future is dark data

The Future is Dark…Data

80% of all data is completely unused

A couple of days ago — or at least a couple of days from when I started writing this — CRN did an article on Ed Harbour, the illustrious VP for IBM’s […]