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What is File Management?

A basic preview of what file management is and how to implement it

Files are one of the most often neglected data source in enterprise storage. They are riddled with ROT and home to personally identifying information that pose compliance, privacy, security, and overhead risks […]


Harnessing MS Teams Data for Compliance

Stay ahead of the curve by learning the key challenges and best practices for managing MS Teams for compliance

As we all know, the business world has undergone dramatic transformation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic—most notably the shift to remote work. While it began as a strategy to flatten the […]

GDPR: The Early Aftermath

What we’re seeing just two weeks out

So you received all the emails with updated privacy policies, May 25th came and went, and none of us blew up— physically, at least. Yet only a few business days after, the […]

Webinar: Don’t Be Left in the Dark

Your GDPR questions, answered

GDPR is coming and, with it, a bevy of complicated regulations and requirements. When the General Data Protection Regulation goes into full effect on May 25, 2018, the global data protection and […]

See why the cloud-based Microsoft platform can’t be a one stop shop

Can Microsoft Office 365 Be Your Governance Solution?

See why the cloud-based Microsoft platform can’t be a one stop shop

Usually, an all-in-1 product is too good to be true—think 2-in-1 hair products. Shampoo and conditioner, separately, are essential parts of a regular hair care regime; but when combined, the resulting product […]

The dark data conundrum explained by "The Boss"

Litigation: Before the Storm Hits

Ushering in a new wave with proactive eDiscovery

Disaster can strike at any moment. In IG, litigation is one of the looming disasters that could hit your company, seemingly always when it’s least convenient.