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How to Start Your File Cleanup Project

How to Start Your File Cleanup Project
If fads exist in the information governance space, then file management must be the new Slinky™. Though file management may not be as exciting as the flexible, sprightly metal toy loved by children of decades past, it has become a catalyst for several data management projects in recent news. Companies have thousands of directories located on both public and local drives that store millions of user generated files, like text files, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Additionally, these file shares may contain invaluable information about the company’s history and financial records (e.g. credit cards, banking information, etc.) as well as employees’ personally identifiable information (e.g. phone numbers, addresses, etc.). In the second edition of our Dark Data webinar series, we will focus on the first steps organizations companies can take to get control of their file shares. Our webinar on March 15th at 2pm EST features experts in the file analysis space who will offer approaches and solutions companies have employed to tackle the problem of ever-expanding file shares. In Don’t be Afraid of the Dark II: How to Start Your File Cleanup Project, panelists will focus on the following areas:
  • The first 3 steps you can take to get your file cleanup project started
  • The top challenges organizations face
  • How other organizations are managing their file shares
  • Pitfalls to avoid when starting a new project
We launched this webinar series last month to provide companies with management options through real use cases told by industry experts. As companies make the push towards file management, it is our hope that they will take the time to understand the best practices as well as the common obstacles they may face. Come join part two of our webinar series to learn about the ways your organization can take control of its dark data problem. Our three speaker panel features Bennett B. Borden, Chief Data Scientist at Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, and Farid Vij and Hemanth Salem, two of our information governance experts. Click here to be register for our latest Dark Data webinar.

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