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people analytics software

Understanding the Social Component of ESG with People Analytics Software

People Analytics Software can help dive deeper into the social component of ESG

ESG investments have gained rapid recognition in the past few years, appealing to investors concerned about the global impact of assets in their portfolio. According to a recent report by Bloomberg Intelligence, […]


Humanizing the Employer Brand with HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics

Taking a human approach to building employer brand

Though there are currently an estimated 213 million companies worldwide, there are only a few companies job seekers would fight, if not kill, to get in. This is due to the employer […]

IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2018

IAPP: Less Talk. More Tech.

Perspectives on GDPR from the IAPP Global Privacy Summit

Touted as the US’s GDPR event of the year, it seems fair to say the IAPP Global Privacy Summit provides the best reflection of the market these past few months. Since 2017, […]

the AI debate

The AI Debate

Does artificial intelligence have a place in information governance?

Working in Silicon Valley, it’s rare to go a day without reading, hearing, or talking about artificial intelligence. From self-driving cars and a Jeopardy-winning machine to customer experience improvement, it seems to […]

structured vs unstructured data

Structured vs Unstructured Data Challenges

What you need to know about managing the two data types

When comparing structured vs unstructured data, the terms are self-explanatory enough when you have a bit of context. Structured data, at a broad level, refers to data that is organized into intentional […]

How to Start Your File Cleanup Project

Dark Data Webinar

How to Start Your File Cleanup Project

If fads exist in the information governance space, then file management must be the new Slinky™. Though file management may not be as exciting as the flexible, sprightly metal toy loved by children of decades past, it has become a catalyst for several data management projects in recent news.