Litigation: Before the Storm Hits

Ushering in a new wave with proactive eDiscovery

The dark data conundrum explained by "The Boss"

Disaster can strike at any moment. You just never know when a tornado can come ripping through your town or heavy rains come and bring high waters throughout the street. With insurance, you’re protected in case of emergencies. Without? Well…you’ll be going up a river without a paddle (literally). If someone told you that this disaster was coming, wouldn’t you do more to make sure you were ready?

In our space, litigation is one of the looming disasters that could hit your company, seemingly always when it’s least convenient. Sure, you can pay for a solution as the situation presents itself and scramble from product to product so you can process, review, and analyze all company data. But it makes more sense to be ahead of the curve, to be insured from the get go so you can identify, preserve and collect before the storm hits.

For years, enterprises all over the world have used reactive eDiscovery methods, only taking action once litigation occurred. This meant scrambling to identify custodians, placing haphazard legal holds, struggling to get relevant documents and all other kinds of last minute headaches. eDiscovery professionals are quickly adopting a proactive model, using information governance to significantly reduce the time and cost associated with their eDiscovery processes. Instead of trying to boil the ocean every time there’s litigation, their solution has culled, refined, and managed the data ahead of time, making it a much more painless process.

In our recent webinar, we discussed this new shift to proactive eDiscovery and just how one of our customers was able to make that shift. Honda overhauled their eDiscovery practices, and as a result was able to stay ahead of the storm. They faced a major incident in the form of a massive airbag recall, leaving them with a huge eDiscovery project at hand. Luckily they were up to the task. Rather than sorting through millions of documents, ZL was able to help them cull down their relevant data, saving valuable time and money in the eDiscovery process.

Honda got out ahead of the curve with eDiscovery and reaped the benefits of a proactive approach. It’s time more companies followed suit.

My eyes have been opened to how big our data world is at ZL. In Business Development, I have been given the opportunity to show others just how important it is to govern this data effectively. I hope to do this by building strong relationships in this information governance environment we live in. Other than managing data, you can find me at a gym, a pool, or cheering on my hometown Atlanta sports teams here in the Bay Area.