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eDiscovery Series: ZL Discovery Manager

A product feature exploring ZL Tech’s approach to legal discovery

In our second edition to our product updates blogs, in which we outline new features without the technical jargon, we continue our eDiscovery series by introducing ZL Discovery Manager. Before getting into […]

ediscovery modern challenges

eDiscovery Series: Modern Challenges

Issues with data volume, search capacity, and privacy requirements

Gone are the days of searching through filing cabinets to find relevant documentation for legal discovery. Digitalization has revolutionized enterprise operations, dramatically complicating the discovery process. Consequently, modern organizations are left to […]

eDiscovery Series: Introduction

Explore the legal landscape and steps required for end-to-end eDiscovery

Your organization just got served a lawsuit and the judge is ordering you to isolate all information (emails, files, messages, and records) relating to the incident in question and those involved. How […]

searching through legal supplies

Search to Save

For eDiscovery production, less is certainly more

Overproduction is a problem—and a big, tiresome, expensive one at that. Let’s break it down. The Situation Imagine your organization is engaged in litigation regarding a recently completed construction project. You provide […]

Curing the eDiscovery Headache

Why the EDRM should be cut in half

Of all the hurdles that come with litigation, eDiscovery may be one of the worst. Although the relevant amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure came about in 2006, organizations are […]

ICYMI: Analytics and GDPR were hot topics at LegalTech 2017

The LegalTech 2017 Rundown

ICYMI: Analytics and GDPR were hot topics at LegalTech 2017

In case you haven’t heard, it is now the “Big Data Era,” where global email traffic creates 183 billion new messages every day, and corporate data is expected to grow 30% every […]