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Weaponize eDiscovery Search and Skip a Costly Review

Today, it is not in courtrooms where cases are won, but in eDiscovery.

To quote Michael Arkfeld, a leading author in eDiscovery, "approximately 80-98% of initial data collected for review will be eliminated," and resources spent on it will ultimately go to waste. Indeed, over-collection […]

review is too late, win with proactive ediscovery

Review is Too Late: Get Insights Early with Proactive eDiscovery to Win or Settle

Discussing the win-win Early Case Assessment approach to Win the Legal Battle

The average cost of eDiscovery today is $1.3 million per case, with larger corporate cases costing exponentially more. A stunning 58% of this cost is spent in the review phase, given the […]


Understanding Discovery Proportionality to Redefine the Scope of eDiscovery

Diving into the role of Discovery proportionality and finding a solution with regards to scope of eDiscovery

The added component of proportionality in the rule 26 (b) (1) of the FRCP in 2015 has raised a lot of eyebrows. The total number of Discovery proportionality case disputes have increased […]

SharePoint File Management

Improve Your Knowledge Management With SharePoint File Management

Reasons to include a SharePoint file management system to enhance your knowledge management results

With Microsoft Office 365 at the hub of corporate communication, SharePoint is a straightforward option among enterprises when it comes to collaboration solutions. To put it in context, SharePoint has over 200 […]

Microsoft Teams eDiscovery

What You Must Know About Collecting MS Teams Data for eDiscovery

Looking into the essentials of collecting Microsoft Teams Data for eDiscovery specialists, the challenges, and a possible solution

Partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft Teams has seen a stark adoption by organizations and individuals alike. And with almost 270 million monthly active users, it has become a synonym for […]

how to save on eDiscovery costs

How to save on eDiscovery costs

The importance of targeted document collection in cutting eDiscovery costs

If you know anything about eDiscovery, you’ve probably heard about the EDRM (eDiscovery reference model). If you haven’t, it’s the industry-accepted eDiscovery process. While the breakdown seems simple enough, each stage requires […]