eDiscovery Series: ZL Discovery Manager

A product feature exploring ZL Tech’s approach to legal discovery


In our second edition to our product updates blogs, in which we outline new features without the technical jargon, we continue our eDiscovery series by introducing ZL Discovery Manager.

Before getting into product details, it is important to briefly recap the concept of left- vs. right-hand eDiscovery from our introductory post. eDiscovery spans multiple disciplines and accordingly requires the assistance of more than any one vendor or legal team for optimal efficiency and cost reduction. On the left-hand side, organizations sift through all enterprise data to isolate relevant documentation; whereas on the right-hand side, each document must be manually reviewed, integrated into a legal strategy, and presented in court. ZL Discovery Manager is primarily used to reign in the left-hand side of EDRM, dwindling massive data sets so that reviewers only assess pertinent documentation. By reducing right-hand eDiscovery times, our clients can conduct early case assessments to win or lose quickly.

Establishing information management for comprehensive search functionality

The bedrock of our eDiscovery solution is comprehensive information governance. ZL UA, the foundational solution on which ZL Discovery Manager is built upon, establishes an archive and platform for users to create data management policies. Without an archive, eDiscovery would be near impossible, as there would be no framework to navigate and search through enterprise data. Accordingly, ZL UA archives all data sources (1,000+ file types) in one repository on the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid deployment.

Solving the issue of surveying ever-expanding enterprise data repositories, ZL UA is designed with a grid architecture, meaning it is built to scale with ease and grows as you grow. Furthermore, ZL UA allows users to create policies, tag, and categorize data upon ingestion, thereby providing a preliminary view of enterprise data before a case even begins. This unified approach ensures that information is safely stored, allowing ZL Discovery Manager to reduce the difficulties of left-hand eDiscovery.

From our governed archive, users can filter and cull their massive data sets down to only the most relevant documents through complex searches that combine any number of expressions: Boolean logic, wild card expansions, fuzzy logic, proximity rules, and more. For further reviewer ease, ZL Discovery Manager has functions, like message threading, to assist in the easy evaluation of documents. Additionally, ZL Discovery Manager offers built-in analytic functionality, such as an on-the-fly analytics dashboard and hit term analysis, to reveal insights into documents at a case or enterprise level. Between ZL Discovery Manager’s advanced search, analytics, and review assistance, clients have reported up to a 90% reduction in right-hand EDRM review times.

Defensibility throughout the EDRM process

However, our ability to cull massive data sets into manageable review portfolios is only usable because of ZL Discovery Manager’s high defensibility. Notably, ZL Discovery Manager proves chain-of-custody with complete audit trails that denote every action taken within the system. Further, given ZL UA’s ability to automatically categorize and tag data upon ingestion, new documents related to the case are instantly added to case preservation. Automated legal hold notices, reminders, and questionnaires are also sent to key custodians once they are identified as part of the case, ensuring everyone involved is fully informed of their participation and responsibilities. All of which works towards verifying that our eDiscovery process is defensible so that clients can win or lose their cases on merit—instead of technicality.

For more information on ZL Discovery Manager, check out our datasheet that outlines the key capabilities, features, and benefits of our eDiscovery solution. Alternatively, if you want to see our solution in action, you can read our case study on how a Fortune 500 American pharmaceutical company utilized ZL Discovery Manager for their eDiscovery needs.

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A graduate from Kalamazoo College, Martin Hansknecht serves as a marketing associate for ZL Tech. He gets his Midwestern charm from growing up in the mitten of Michigan, his East Coast work ethic from his time spent in NY and D.C., and his European fashion from years living in England, Germany, and Hungary. Now he is looking forward to absorbing that innovative West Coast mindset!