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Win or Settle Early with Proactive eDiscovery

Insight into electronic evidence is critical early in a case. However, insights are limited by the constraints of today’s search technology, leaving legal teams in the dark and without leverage when they make the most impactful decisions: keyword negotiations, and the choice to fight or settle.

However, new “search-in-place” technology offers an alternative. With it, legal teams can search and analyze evidence before data is ever collected and use it to earn and grow a significant early case advantage.

Join us to explore how companies have used in-place, proactive eDiscovery to:

  • Gather insights from search-term hit reports to win keyword negotiations
  • Know exactly where they stand by identifying digital evidence hotspots
  • Minimize data collection/sharing and identify potential “smoking guns” using evidence heat-maps
  • Speed up eDiscovery by searching and analyzing in-place, without exports or the need for IT’s help

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