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New ZL People Analytics Platform Offering

When insights aren’t enough, think Out-Of-Sights™

people analytics platform

ZL Tech is excited to announce the launch of our new SaaS People Analytics platform that manages email and Office 365 data in-place for governance and analytics. To date, most enterprise communications data has resided in the dark, unharnessed and unknown. However, this data is the key to understanding the human element of the enterprise. Each day employees create mountains of invaluable data over email, file shares, and collaboration platforms that accurately reflect their sentiments, work, and relationships.

While this data has long been a fount of knowledge, few have had the data control to pull from the unstructured well. Finding the right information is comparable to finding a particular grain of sand on a beach. Recognizing this barrier to enterprise analytics, ZL Tech has developed a new offering that extracts business intelligence out of in-place data. By applying holistic governance on information at the source, ZL Tech enables organizations to turn their people data into Out-of-Sights™, insights derived from previously dark data.

Achieving Holistic Governance

Governance is typically achieved either within the confines of an archive or in-place at the source. For most organizations, the choice is not a binary archive vs. in-place, rather it is how the two can most effectively blend together. The new ZL Tech offering supplements existing archival views with in-place data management, enabling organizations to govern and view their enterprise data in its entirety.

In-place data management creates a living picture of the enterprise that adapts as employees create and share information. Outside of analytics—which we will touch on briefly—this encompassing view of data improves governance functions across the board: privacy, compliance, and legal. ZL Tech’s People Analytics platform empowers organizations to find and remediate personally identifiable information (PII), clean up file shares, identify records, and search the entire enterprise. ZL Tech is further shifting the eDiscovery and internal investigation paradigm by enabling customers to search all enterprise data—before identifying custodians—to retrieve relevant documents, guide legal strategies, and uncover case insights that traditional methods would have missed.

Enabling People Analytics

While organizations have long been equipped to analyze tables and numbers, the same cannot be said of their unstructured counterparts. For an organization to leverage their people data—messages and files—they have to be able to accurately find, cull, scrub, and structure their data. Data preparation is a rather laborious process, and to cut corners, most organizations have ignored the vast majority of their data. Instead of surveying the whole “beach” of data, organizations have instead sectioned off “sandboxes” that they hope are representative. However, these selective analytics tend to miss the most valuable information that remains out-of-sight. ZL Tech, however, enables organizations to expand the scope of their analytics to all enterprise data while speeding the Out-of-Sights™ process 1,000X.

ZL Tech’s new approach to analytics dramatically accelerates the time-to-data pipeline by bypassing typical obstacles. Analytics has historically relied on creating and exporting data copies, which adds additional hurdles with each iteration of search. Instead, ZL People Analytics platform enables users to cull and refine their datasets in real-time without touching original documents, thereby avoiding data throttling, enhancing data speeds, and reducing overall cost and liability. Furthermore, by managing data in-place without creating copies, ZL Tech mitigates privacy and compliance risks throughout the analytics process.

ZL Tech starts with the entire beach of employee-created content and enables users to explore their data for enterprise analytics. All enterprise communications are mapped out in an interactive network graph that showcases who talks with whom, about what, and how often. From this beach, organizations can filter and cull data with granular searches that narrow the field to only the most relevant information. Users can interact with their findings by peering into documents, exploring the updated network, and looking at hit-term results to assess the accuracy and validity of their search. Once confident with their findings, users can easily export the data into their favorite analytics platform for more in-depth analysis.

With this data, organizations can answer essential questions about their people, projects, and teams:

  • Who has the most impact?
  • Who knows what?
  • How does my workforce feel?
  • What does my workforce care about?

Additionally, network analysis can reveal a host of valuable insights, such as predicting employee attrition, examining workforce culture, isolating top performers and subject matter experts, and exploring employee sentiment.

The workforce is overflowing with talent, and they are the organization’s most valuable—yet unpredictable—asset. ZL Tech is paving the way to comprehend the human complexities that go into work performance and satisfaction. To learn more about how ZL People Analytics platform and Out-of-Sights™ can empower your organization, reach out to a ZL Tech expert and explore our web page.

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