Unified Control Over Enterprise Data

Regain control of electronic communications and documents while delivering critical business insights.

Transform Dark Data into Insight

Clean up and manage file shares and SharePoint sites globally for privacy and records management. Enable visibility into data silos alongside comprehensive lifecycle management.

Modernize your business’s records management system

Manage corporate records and information from inception to disposition, using the platform certified by the DoD and trusted by the National Archives. Built to adapt to the growing demands of records and information management (RIM), ZL tech’s cutting-edge technologies, such as de-duplication of data, dramatically reduce storage needs and costs.

Uncover the human side of the enterprise

Set the foundation for data analytics with proactive data management. ZL UA’s unique governance architecture implements analytics without the sampling challenges or bottlenecks associated with specialized tools. Thereby allowing for analysis across human-generated data to unearth hidden patterns and connections which answer “who-knows-who” and “who-knows-what.”

Reduce risks and stay ahead of violations

Bolster compliance supervision with granular and customizable lexicons. Generate an advanced sample of emails that captures a representative sample of all outgoing messages to be reviewed. Conduct pre- and post-review compliance on electronic communication channels to meet regulatory requirements under SEC 17a-4, FINRA, GDPR, and more.

No More Silos, Know More Data

Perform Single-Instance-Storage (SIS) hierarchical storage management, consistent document retention policies, and stubbing to streamline bloated enterprise systems and maximize storage efficiency. Deployment options range from on-premises to cloud to a hybrid approach.

Take control over the left-hand side of EDRM

Conduct the entire eDiscovery process, from collection to production, without ever moving data. With lightning-fast enterprise searches to pinpoint relevant information, companies can fully understand their data before crafting Early Case Assessment (ECA) strategies.