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Optimal Approach to GDPR Purpose Limitation

An Optimal Approach to GDPR Purpose Limitation

A peek into why adherence to GDPR Purpose Limitation is necessary

The law is more than simply its section, number, or name; it is the manifestation of its affiliated principles. These principles are primarily responsible for determining the dos and don'ts of the […]

Data privacy trends

Data Privacy Trends: The Importance of User Privacy in Branding

Exploring the recent user data privacy trends where buyers prioritize privacy with their wallets

Organizations often utilize data insights to boost personalization capabilities, target consumers, and produce consumer-centric products to enhance their business and overall user experience. While these initiatives have extreme business value, customers’ and […]

Enterprise cloud security

Best Practices for Increasing Enterprise Cloud Security

Steps to improving enterprise cloud security

Information is one of the most powerful instruments one can wield, and organizations have a vested interest in protecting their corporate memory from malign actors. Accordingly, cyber threats are something that 47% […]

Holistic Records Management System

The Surprising Benefits of Being Organized

Using a Holistic Records Management System Approach

A Holistic Records Management System You may already be aware of how proper data governance can drastically cut down on the time and money spent performing regular data cleanup projects, but there […]


Study: Top Drivers for Implementing Microsoft Teams Governance

Exploring the importance of incorporating Microsoft Teams in data Governance strategies

ZL Tech recently partnered with Osterman Research to investigate how enterprises are archiving and protecting Microsoft Teams data. Surveying medium- and large-scale organizations that have adopted Microsoft Teams, 143 IT leaders were […]


What is File Management?

A basic preview of what file management is and how to implement it

Files are one of the most often neglected data source in enterprise storage. They are riddled with ROT and home to personally identifying information that pose compliance, privacy, security, and overhead risks […]