State of Data Privacy in the Wake of AI

A dive into the current state of data privacy and compliance and how to prepare for AI

State of Data Privacy in the Wake of AI

Cisco's 2023 Data Privacy Benchmark Study highlighted a wide gap between consumer expectations and enterprises' approaches to privacy, particularly when it comes to the usage of AI technology.

According to the survey, 60% of customers are concerned about how companies utilize AI today, and 65% have already lost faith in organizations due to their AI practices.

In simple words, many individuals are concerned if their personal information were taken and exploited for profit by companies without their knowledge.

Therefore, organizations are now required to exercise extreme caution when using AI to automate and make important choices that directly affect individuals.

The solution?

Privacy by design.

Establish Privacy Within

Traditionally, corporations had only to focus on data related to their day-to-day activities. Today, however, privacy standards now force businesses to manage all of their dark data for personally identifiable information (PII), wherever it lies.

This includes requiring enterprises to manage data’s entire lifecycle from its inception to dissemination.

ZL Tech’s Privacy Solution guides enterprises to complete compliance through in-place and archival-based data management.

It helps identify, remediate, and manage PII across file sharing, email servers, the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem, and more, enabling organizations to establish privacy from within.

Identify and Locate Sensitive Information

Companies holding even a single piece of PII without consent can lead to large fines. And today, sensitive information is dispersed around the organization, hidden in chats, audio recordings, and all sorts of files waiting to be discovered and become a liability.

AI tools that are currently being implemented at large companies may have access to this data, and without proper governance, can proliferate it.

Therefore, identifying and locating sensitive information early in its lifecycle, before it is accessed by other applications such as AI platforms, is essential.

To answer these requirements, ZL Tech’s Privacy Solution maps out the entire data landscape, flagging sensitive information for further user action.

It also enables users to locate personal information for data subject access and other remedial requests leveraging global search.

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Bivek Minj graduated from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication with a degree in English Journalism. He serves as a Content Writer at ZL Tech India's Marketing department. He comes to the industry with a desire to learn and grow.