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What the Heck is Machine Learning Good For, Anyway?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “machine learning” bandied around in business publications. You probably are also frustrated by the vague promises from these articles that machine learning will revolutionize compliance (for better […]

the AI debate

The AI Debate

Does artificial intelligence have a place in information governance?

Working in Silicon Valley, it’s rare to go a day without reading, hearing, or talking about artificial intelligence. From self-driving cars and a Jeopardy-winning machine to customer experience improvement, it seems to […]

Legaltech 2018

A Year of Acronyms

AI, GDPR, and IoT at Legaltech 2018

As promised, Legaltech 2018 was another week full of the hottest legal trends presented by the hottest names in the industry. Although many eDiscovery mainstays received plenty of attention, a few new […]