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Optimal Approach to GDPR Purpose Limitation

An Optimal Approach to GDPR Purpose Limitation

A peek into why adherence to GDPR Purpose Limitation is necessary

The law is more than simply its section, number, or name; it is the manifestation of its affiliated principles. These principles are primarily responsible for determining the dos and don'ts of the […]

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CDPA Compliance: Virginia’s New Privacy Law

An introduction to complying with Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA)

Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, signed the Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) on March 2nd, 2021, underscoring the current of new privacy regulations circulating state legislatures. The passage of CDPA exemplifies the appetite […]

It’s Not Just TikTok: The Ever Changing Data Privacy Landscape

It’s Not Just TikTok: The Ever Changing Data Privacy Landscape

TikTok, the seemingly innocuous viral video app most popular with Generation Z, is facing increased scrutiny as lawmakers around the world wrestle with the app’s data privacy and security concerns. Citing a […]


Security: Should You Bring Alexa and Google Home for the Holidays?

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve likely seen Spotify’s most recent promotion. Every premium subscriber–well, almost all of them— are eligible to receive a free Google Home device. However, as […]

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Data Privacy: How the Current NCAA Debate Reflects the State of Big Data

A Country Divided? With Data Privacy, Not So Much If you aren’t aware, a massive ongoing debate is being waged between student-athletes, state legislatures, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. As part […]

CCPA and GDPR Are Only the First Steps in the Privacy Revolution

Where We Began: A Brief Recap of CCPA and GDPR CCPA and GDPR continue to be big, scary buzz words in the information governance space, but what do they really mean? In […]