Filling the Search Gap with Corporate Email Archiving Solutions

A look into how companies are addressing email search issues with corporate email archiving solutions


There is no denying that emails have become an integral part of our lives today. For many, it changed how they communicate with others; for some, it was always there. Hence, no wonder 319.6 billion emails were sent and received per day worldwide in 2021. This year we have already surpassed that figure with 333.2 billion emails sent and received daily. But despite its ever-growing popularity, email does pose some challenges. However, the one challenge most evidently visible with emails is the search feature in most corporate email archiving solutions.

Any responsible company must abide by the laws of the land, some of which demand you store certain electronic communications, including emails, for a certain period. Additionally, any company with over 100 employees could be faced with managing thousands of data sets for email and communication archiving. Yes, email service providers have been proactive in providing backup storage features, but it is often just not enough. That is because restoring archived mailboxes from those legacy storage systems and searching through hundreds of thousands of those outdated backup files every time you need to locate one email can be daunting. But companies have successfully addressed these issues without losing their minds over them. Here's how!

Assessing the Search Gaps

A medical technology company based out of Austin, Texas, was developing low-cost blood tests to diagnose cancer and other disorders. Given the criticality of the research, it was concerned about intellectual property and compliance, especially regarding its email system. Since the law demands that companies securely store such communications for a certain period, it was tiresome to recover inbound and outbound mailboxes and folders from the legacy system storage every time they needed to relook at the emails containing critical research information. The company was also aware of the cybersecurity threats that could hamper their entire research during these processes. As a result, they decided to seek help from experts.

The Answer – Corporate Email Archiving Solutions

The solution to the medical technology company's problems was simple – a corporate email archiving solution that is on par with the ever-changing compliance regulations.

After evaluating many corporate email archiving solutions, the medical technology company selected one that reduced its dependency on legacy system storage and backup storage provided by email service providers. It enabled the company to perform content and metadata-based searches within the email archive pool with advanced filters making the search easier and faster than before. The corporate email archiving solution's rules and policies feature now allowed the company to automate saving critical emails for review based on specific keywords, archive essential communications, and defensibly delete emails containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Thus, the company achieved compliance per the industry-specific standards, reducing the risk of losing data and cyberattacks while also boosting its email storage and search capabilities.

To conclude, the medical technology company and many others have already mastered email archiving and addressed their email search issues while adhering to industry-specific compliance regulations. But just like the company in the case above, many usually remain unaware of the necessity until they have used the technology. Are you?

Bivek Minj graduated from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication with a degree in English Journalism. He serves as a Content Writer at ZL Tech India's Marketing department. He comes to the industry with a desire to learn and grow.