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Filling the Gaps with In-Place Data Management

Revolutionizing the way data is managed with in-place data management

Since the dawn of time, humans have kept data in multiple forms, including cave paintings, ceramics, and war crafts. However, the practice of retaining data has raised some eyebrows in the modern digital […]


Filling the Search Gap with Corporate Email Archiving Solutions

A look into how companies are addressing email search issues with corporate email archiving solutions

There is no denying that emails have become an integral part of our lives today. For many, it changed how they communicate with others; for some, it was always there. Hence, no […]

3 Priorities for MS Teams Governance

Discussing the considerations for implementing MS Teams governance in your organization

Since the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has been one of the most popular collaboration tools, bridging the gap between the office and the remote workforce. For perspective on how widespread the application is, […]

Holistic Records Management System

The Surprising Benefits of Being Organized

Using a Holistic Records Management System Approach

A Holistic Records Management System You may already be aware of how proper data governance can drastically cut down on the time and money spent performing regular data cleanup projects, but there […]


How a Cloud Management Solution Can Help Your Hybrid Workforce

Exploring the intersection between cloud management solutions and hybrid employment

While cloud management solutions have been around for a while, they have only become subject to widespread use and conversation in recent years. Since the pandemic, these cloud-based software solutions have proven […]

5 reasons to move to the cloud

Five Reasons Why Enterprises Should Consider a Move to the Cloud

Explore the factors driving cloud migration

Why move to the cloud? While the Covid pandemic has certainly accelerated cloud adoption, the transition to hybrid and cloud native programs has been a long time coming. In fact, the cloud […]