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File Analysis Series: File Management

The importance of managing files for data control and enterprise insights

When it comes to enterprise data, it is easy to fixate on the ones and zeros; however, the vast majority of data—upwards of 90%—is unstructured, human-created information. Despite the large percentage of […]

employee monitoring

Survey: Blurring Lines between Professional and Personal

Employee opinions on work life balance, employee monitoring, and personal data

Employees are increasingly using work devices for personal use As large portions of the workforce continue operating from home to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the boundaries between professional and personal spheres […]

File Analysis: Use Analytics to Play Your Files Like Moneyball

“Does he get on base?” “Moneyball” is a movie I can’t stop watching. It’s one of those where I sit down to watch just one scene and then end up watching the […]

Data Analytics in-house

Data Analytics In-House

No need for data scientists. Your team will do.

What’s worse? Not knowing you have something or having something you don’t know how to use? Either way, we’re seeing lost opportunities. This logic holds true for anything from a simple kitchen […]

Big data alone doesn’t guarantee analytics success

The Numbers Game

Big data alone doesn’t guarantee analytics success

Despite working at an information governance company, the term “big data” is still somewhat elusive to me. Conceptually, I’m there; big data refers to extremely large sets of data which are often […]

For analytics’ sake, give information governance a chance

Data Lake: Big Data Deserves Big Governance

For analytics’ sake, give information governance a chance

More than ever before, companies are treating their data like a strategic resource, leveraging it to produce exciting new conclusions and ideas. This changing attitude towards data and its new value has […]