Storage Management Solution

Reduce costs. Streamline access. Increase productivity.

ZL Storage Manager offers organizations the ability to offload bloated enterprise systems, like email servers, file shares, SharePoint servers, and other enterprise content management and collaboration applications. Whether utilized as part of a larger information governance initiative, or simply to reduce operational IT expenditure, ZL Storage Manager offers a scalable solution fit to address the diverse needs of Fortune 500 enterprises.

ZL Storage Manager helps one of the largest banks in the United States manage over 12 billion emails.

Scalable Storage Solution in One Unified Platform

A single point of control to seamlessly manage all enterprise content.

  • Enterprise Search
  • Storage Cost
  • Database Security
  • Offline Vault
  • Instantaneous enterprise-wide search.

    Powered by GRID distributed-processing architecture, enterprises can enjoy near-instantaneous access to the entire corpus of enterprise data. Whether it’s millions of items or billions of items, ZL Storage Manager returns complete search results in seconds.
  • Reduced storage costs.

    ZL Storage Manager gives enterprises a safe and efficient tool to optimize their data footprint, and reduce their storage costs. Companies can efficiently eliminate duplicates through ZL’s Single Instance Storage technology (SIS), and decrease load on mail servers through email stubbing capabilities, all managed via a single, centralized platform.
  • Secured access to database.

    Enterprises can rest easy knowing they have complete control over access to enterprise content through ZL Storage Manager. Customizable policies and roles mean administrators can assign access privileges to any or all content based on a wide variety of factors.
  • Access enterprise data without connectivity.

    ZL Storage Manager allows end-users to view archived messages without having to rely on network connectivity. Archived emails are displayed alongside live emails in Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes for a smooth user experience, no matter where the user is.

One Step Closer to Information Governance

ZL Storage Manager opens the gateway to a comprehensive information governance initiative by allowing full management of unstructured data with cost-effective and scalable technologies. Talk to our representatives today to learn about how Fortune 500 companies utilize Storage Manager to achieve their information governance goals through ZL Storage Manager.

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