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File Analysis and Management

ZL File analysis and Management (ZL FAM) generates user-friendly metadata analysis reports to give enterprise-wide insight to our users. When combined with content analysis, customers get the unique advantage of a confident and complete search of all files. With the complete search done, organizations can remediate and apply automated policy managements to ensure ongoing management for the future.

Until recently, enterprise file shares have been neglected by organizations due to the time and effort required to clean up and manage these systems. As data volumes increase, these unwieldy environments create numerous problems such as data security risks, stores of ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial) data that inhibits organizational productivity, and escalating storage costs.

The ultimate goal of achieving full compliance is to execute a sustainable and proactive information governance framework. ZL File Analysis and Management allows enterprises to take that initial step toward identifying and taking control of all their data. By identifying and applying remediation to the data without any physical data transfer, ZL FAM guarantees that companies remain defensible and retains their grasp on their data moving forward.