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eDiscovery & Compliance for Top 5 US Bank

This top 5 bank saw data proliferation typical in a large-scale enterprise. With 10+ million emails per day and over 10 billion documents, they needed to find a way to manage all this data for regulatory and compliance requirements. ZL UA provided this bank the comprehensive information governance it needed to take control of all the unstructured data in their organization.

Not only did the solution need to scale to the enterprise needs, it also needed to offer the speed and granularity of search that would allow for proactive eDiscovery. With a mixed email platform environment, massive amounts of data, and strict regulations to meet, it was unreasonable to pursue a system that could not seamlessly handle multiple related functions.

ZL UA was selected as the only platform that could be leveraged as a comprehensive information governance system rather than just a simple archive. Besides allowing the customer to sustainably meet the demands of a 10+ billion document repository that would continue to grow by the millions each day, ZL UA allows this top 5 bank to proactively maintain SEC and FINRA compliance by maximizing data control for the corporation.