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hipaa email archiving

HIPAA Privacy and Compliance Rules: Email Archiving Requirements

Answering the whos, whats, and hows of HIPPA email archiving requirements

While there are many components of HIPPA compliance, this post will only detail the requirements under the Privacy and Security Rules. For more information on all HIPAA requirements, refer to their website. […]

File Analysis Series: ZL In-Place File Analysis & Management

A product feature exploring ZL Tech’s enterprise solution for in-place file management

This series has broadly addressed how file analysis efforts can reduce risks and find assets hidden in enterprise data. Having laid the theoretical groundwork, we can now explore how file analysis projects, […]

file analysis ROT

File Analysis Series: ROT Reduction

Exploring the dangers of ROT files on enterprise compliance, security, and functionality

The average enterprise has hundreds of terabytes of data locked away in their on-premises and cloud servers. Data storage is only set to increase as the pandemic has organizations increasingly reliant on […]

Cloud Series: Privacy and Security

Evaluating potential security risks in cloud storage

One of the primary concerns CIOs and IT leaders have about moving to the cloud is whether their data will remain safe as they relinquish partial control of their data security over […]


No, Iran Isn’t Going to Hack Your Business in the Name of Revenge

When news broke of the assassination of Iranian General Qassim Suleimani, the reaction was swift, as #WWIII began trending on Twitter within minutes. Obviously, this was more or less a facetious reaction […]


Security: Should You Bring Alexa and Google Home for the Holidays?

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve likely seen Spotify’s most recent promotion. Every premium subscriber–well, almost all of them— are eligible to receive a free Google Home device. However, as […]