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Information Management: A Not Quite Comprehensive Timeline

Look back towards the future

Carl Sagan once famously remarked that we must know the past to understand our present. Technology is constantly evolving, changing how we understand the world around us. The past, however, is still […]

GDPR: The Early Aftermath

What we’re seeing just two weeks out

So you received all the emails with updated privacy policies, May 25th came and went, and none of us blew up— physically, at least. Yet only a few business days after, the […]

Corporate governance can’t stop at end users

Data Governance: Rule of Thumb

Corporate governance can’t stop at end users

Recently, IBM became the biggest name to prevent employees from using portable storage devices. This certainly won’t be the last measure taken to enhance security within the enterprise – especially as we […]

Facebook scandal

Facebook: The Principles of Privacy

What the Facebook scandal means for privacy on a global scale

The recent uproar surrounding Facebook right now is unique. Unlike other data privacy scandals haunting the headlines lately, this wasn’t a breach. No one hacked or phished their way in. There was […]

Financial Services Compliance Software for Banks

Banks: Compliance is Complicated

But managing your data doesn't have to be

Dealing with data is tricky, regardless of its use. But when banks’ data pool consists of SSNs, credit scores, addresses, and more; when that data exists for millions of consumers; and that […]

IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2018

IAPP: Less Talk. More Tech.

Perspectives on GDPR from the IAPP Global Privacy Summit

Touted as the US’s GDPR event of the year, it seems fair to say the IAPP Global Privacy Summit provides the best reflection of the market these past few months. Since 2017, […]